The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Browse our HTML5 responsive Ecommerce templates below. Online shopping is a thriving market. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide are forecast to nearly double between 2016 and 2020. During an April 2017 survey, 40 percent of internet users in the United States stated that they purchased items online at several times per month , and 20 percent said they bought items or services online on a weekly basis. Not only the volume of online sales shows optimistic figures and projections, but also web and mobile-influenced offline sales are forecast to increase in the coming years. Internet-savvy buyers are determined to spend time researching products online and reading online reviews in order to get the best deal possible. At times they do their research online and end up buying offline. Around 42 percent of U.S. consumers had searched and purchased products or services online, while 14 percent prefer searching online and buying in store.

Just in time for the total economic collapse of Europe and the rise of the cyber-nomadic tribes, the kids at Discover, Barclaycard, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have a name for their mobile phone-based payment system : Isis. Essentially it remains what we heard from Bloomberg a few months back: a system for using an app on your phone to send payments to a POS system using NFC technology. The Isis team thinks it has "the scope and scale necessary to introduce mobile commerce on a broad basis," and we wish them the best.

But we know how it all ends anyways: with the lucky among us dead, and the rest of us living in caves, hiding from death-dealing robots , and bartering for what we can't scrounge from the ruins of our once-great cities. PR after the break.

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Nevertheless, it is up to you and the company you use. For instance, worldwide online shopping can be just as harmful if the company that produces the items you purchase is not responsible enough does not recycle, uses harmful ingredients and wastes precious resources. This is way you would better find out more about the company before actually purchasing a product from them. Likewise, the transportation is an issue as well. For example, the main shipping companies on the market, such as UPS and Fed Ex, along with the Postal Service, are trying to have an eco-friendly approach as much as possible. They cumulate goods and try to reduce the number of roads as much as possible. Also, it is good if the company you want to deliver you product uses recyclable materials that will not harm the environment.

Amazon is a successful company that often comes to mind when consumers think of shopping online. As the largest name in e-commerce, they draw in many consumers by creating a fast and convenient shopping experience. They showcase a variety of products and have managed to greatly simplify the checkout process. Many other retailers are attempting to shift their businesses in the same direction. For example, Walmart has been attempting to draw consumers to their online business by offering incentives to shoppers. Some of these incentives include an automatic discount with select purchases, as well as free shipping to any store. While businesses are not going to achieve the same success as either Walmart or Amazon, entrepreneurs should model their approach to e-commerce after these successful retailers. One of the most important aspects of online retail is creating a website that is attractive and easy to use for consumers.

As a business it is natural for you to make sure that you use every avenue that is available to convert a visitor into a potential customer.

However, people buying things on a mobile device may or may not be very helpful to your business.

Even if it was of any use, the nature of the transaction could be different from what normally happens in the mobile universe. You need to ask yourself certain questions before taking any decisions. For instance, if you sell an insurance product, will people buy an insurance plan using mobile ecommerce or do you only need it to enable people to renew their plans? Will people use ecommerce to buy cars or only to book service appointments and purchase accessories? Defining what your customer may do on the mobile device and putting down your goals hence becomes the first step to developing the ecommerce.